Rocking with the Greats in Austin


Making a long weekend out of a classic concert has created some wonderful adventures for me and my husband. We have enjoyed Journey in Lake Tahoe, Phil Collins in Las Vegas and Joan Jett in Lake Charles. Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac led us to Texas’ musical capital, Austin for our latest memory maker.

While we found some true hidden gems for cocktails in Austin, we also enjoyed some other great sights and food. The Bullock Texas State History Museum was a three story museum of multiple, interesting exhibits. The salvaged shipwrecked La Belle and pictures from Texas From Above were awesome visuals.

Throughout our visit in Austin, we hummed and sang the classics of Fleetwood Mac.  They did not disappoint and the Frank Erwin Center was a great venue!  After the encore, we were easily able to walk to Sixth Street and back to our hotel. Definitely a memory maker for sure!

Cursed Secrets

Lisa Logue’s Cursed Secrets is a YA/Fantasy book that feels like a hybrid of Twilight and Beautiful Creatures– both of which I very much enjoyed! This book is the first in the Legacy Secrets series and is a great opener that leaves you wanting more.  However, (and thankfully), it does not leave you with that horrible unfinished feeling.

Now you may ask – a YA book to accompany a trip to Austin to see Fleetwood Mac? And I would say, YES!  The melodic voice of Stevie Nicks singing Landslide played on repeat as I read.  For me, something about the magical and youthfulness of the song just suited as the perfect soundtrack to Lia’s story.

Lia and Christian are two unique young twenty something’s attending college and trying desperately to blend is as normal. When their paths cross, sparks literally ignite and they are drawn to each other. As Christian discovers more about Lia’s past, it is up to him to help her understand her unique gifts while keeping her safe. However, the growing physical attraction between the two of them makes it hard to focus.

The electricity between Lia and Christian combined with the engaging turns of the unfolding story make for a perfect weekend read. However, this perfect weekend read could easily spill into your week if you are like me and cannot resist grabbing the next book in the series!

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  2. I loved Beautiful Creatures so I can not wait to try this book out.

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