Forgetting it all in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City

When my husband presented the idea of going to Salt Lake City, Utah for a long weekend to celebrate my birthday this past year, my response was “Why Utah?”  Most people had the same response (verbatim) when we told them where our next adventure was taking us.  However, I loved being able to come back and tell everyone all about the amazingly lively and beautiful city we found in Salt Lake City, Utah!

Salt Lake City had a ton of things to keep us busy! The highlights of the trip were the tour at KinDig It Design and really cool bar with great history, Lake Effect. Visit my TripAdvisor for a full listing and reviews of all the places we visited!

When possible, we always try to use when we travel. For us, it just feels more comfortable than a hotel room. This trip, we completely hit the jackpot when we found a gorgeous penthouse loft in the heart of Salt Lake City at a very reasonable price.

As I have mentioned before, I love all things history.  The loft was in a re-purposed warehouse with restored exposed beams and beautiful picture windows.  We were able to enjoy the mild climate of the city and walked everywhere. The owners provided great extra touches such as recommendations on places to eat, sites to see, etc. Check it out here!

What Alice Forgot

While I could not find a book with a setting of Salt Lake City,  I did pick up Liane Moriarty’s What Alice Forgot.  This book actually ended up being a perfect pairing for the birthday trip as it was thought provoking and reflecting.

In What Alice Forgot, Alice wakes up in a hospital room with a head injury and no memory of the last ten years. As Alice familiarizes herself with the current state of her life, she evaluates and asks herself “how did I get here from where I was?” and “am I truly happier now?” The story’s flow kept up my curiosity to learn more about Alice, the past and present version.

What made this book so compelling was how easy it was to empathize with Alice and reflect on the same questions she asked herself. If your 10 year younger self saw your life now, would she be proud? Would she have a ton of regrets? Would she smack the hell out of you and demand what are you thinking??

All of these reflective questions is what made What Alice Forgot the perfect book for a birthday getaway.  I enjoyed some quiet time in the morning with a cup of coffee, looking at the mountains in the skyline and asked myself all those same questions.

So if Salt Lake City ever comes up on your radar as a place to travel, instead of asking “Why Utah?”, say “Absolutely Utah!”

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  1. Thank you for introducing and recommending this city as a place to visit. On my ”to visit” list!

  2. Salt Lake City sounds like a great place to visit. If I weren’t deathly afraid of flying, this would be one of the places I’d visit…unless the hubs is will to drive up there from Texas but I seriously doubt it, lol.


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