Through Her Eyes

Written By Sophie Fahy

Sophie Fahy’s “Through Her Eyes” is my third book blog tour this year and like the ones before, the book was a treat for this Texan. For those who love to read, I encourage you to sign up and help authors with this fun marketing approach. While getting the word out about a great book, you can also support some fantastic authors.

Even on the door of 40 years old, some memories from high school can still make me break out in a cold sweat and fight the urge to pull on a hoodie and attempt to blend in with the wall. As the mother of a beautiful, strong willed teenage daughter, I have to remind myself multiple days a week that she will be okay. She will not likely appreciate the lasting affects of this book as I will be spider monkey level clingy mom for the next few months. No worries-I have the author’s email address to redirect her complaints!

“Through Her Eyes” is Sophie Fahy’s debut novel and if you are wondering how the hell she’s going to follow up to this one, join the club! This YA book subsidized a healthy dose of teen heartache with intrigue and mystery. It was one of those books that had me staying up late with “just one more chapter” and looking forward to picking it up as soon as I got home. The story itself broke my heart from the beginning and refused to let go until the end.

We are introduced to Alyssa Darlington as a carefree, wild seventeen year old at her best friend’s house party. Her drunken actions are cringeworthy but have you turning the page as if you are watching a bad reality show. The events from that first night leave Alyssa with damage to her vision and glimpses into a terrible attack. As she awaits the final outcome of her vision, she attempts to unlock her memories and find the culprits behind her viscous attack. The ending of this story will leave your mind blown!

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