Taking on Water

Written by David Rawding

I really should have played the lottery in December after winning TWO, separate book giveaways! Yesterday, I received the giveaway winnings from author @davidrawdingauthor David Rawding and have already finished one. It has been a while since I have read what I would call a “suspenseful drama” genre book but “Taking On Water” had me questioning why in the world I waited so long!

David Rawding weaves a story in “Taking on Water” that flows as smoothly as the water scenes he beautifully paints. Lead characters, James and Maya Morrow, are as endearing to the reader as they are bad ass. While Maya is physically taking down drug dealers, James is acting as a social worker and big brother to teens at the local recreational center. When their small, coastal town has an influx of a deadly drug, both their professional and personal worlds are impacted. And as if this couple does not have enough on their plates, new friends Melanie and Tucker prove to hold their own mysteries. 

As much as I read, it is rare that a storyline does not become predictable or at least obvious in where the plot is going. “Taking on Water” literally caught me off guard more than once.

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