Psychic Flames

With a psychic, hot Cherokee Indian & mystery, “Psychic Flames” had a seemingly perfect recipe to win me over.

Jayden is a beautiful psychic tasked with solving the who and why of an arson for real estate agent Eagle Boyd. While they work together to solve the mystery, neither can ignore the smoldering fire that has ignited from their mutual attraction. However, the secrete Eagle is keeping could destroy more than the trust they are building.

Unfortunately, the love I could have felt was lost by a story that jumped around too quickly to allow for truly getting immersed in the story.  The plot felt rushed and soo much was left on the table for character development. Most disappointing, the ending felt incomplete and I finished the story with unanswered questions.

The potential of Psychic Flames was truly there.  Even with missing development, characters Jayden and Eagle were likable and interesting. If the missing chapters (at least that’s what it felt like) are ever added, I would definitely be interested in reading again!

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