Who has never wondered if they have made the right turns in life? Or considered what might have been? Or the big one: am I happy with who I am? Thankfully I know it is not just me since at the very least, author Wayne Barton has asked himself the same questions vicariously through his characters in Peach!

When the reader first meets Freddie, he has traveled to Idaho for a job and to avoid facing problems back home in England. There to write songs and work with an aged singer, the premise of Peach catches the reader’s attention immediately. Initially, the story appears to be one of a writer with cool rock connections. However, the story deepens as main character Freddie considers his life and looks past the superficial top layer.

As Freddie asks himself those tough life questions and develops relationships with the people he meets in Idaho, his character evolves. While unraveling the issues that made him run such a great distance, he finds himself and builds new, meaningful relationships. Characters like Hal, Louise and Brooke are identifiable characters that each offer an element reflective of live, such as Hal’s wisdom.

Peach is a beautiful story of reflection, love and friendship. It is absent of melodramatic catastrophes, instead choosing challenges we all face in life. It had a great cast of characters, with the star being love, in all its many forms: love of life, amorous love, unrequited love, new love and old love.

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