Never Speak

Written by John Manchester

John Manchester’s ”Never Speak” is a dark thriller about an aging artist reflecting on his life, specifically his time in a cult. After main character Ray makes the decision to document his experience, a brick with the cult’s ”Never Speak” mantra crashes through his window-literally. Despite continuing to receive ominous threats, Ray presses on and continues to write his story and better understand the lasting effects of that time period in his life. The race to find who is threatening him as he tries to finish his book is a thrilling journey, filled with twists and turns.

Manchester’s characters and imagery came to life through his writing. The story flowed at a consistent pace and was entertaining. Having Ray’s story within ”Never Speak” was like having a bonus read.

Admittedly, this genre is not my usual read but I enjoyed ”Never Speak.” While the story is a thriller, I was still able to enjoy reading it before bed without having to watch something to calm my nerves before going to bed. (don’t judge me)

Thanks to the author for contacting me & providing a copy to enjoy!

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