Mutiny on the Moonbeam

Written by Rie Sheridan Rose

This week, I have chatted with quite a few authors thanks to a great post on Instagram. Amongst readers, is there any other more commonly asked question than “what is your favorite genre?” My response is always everything! When I saw the request for readers of the world tour for a fantasy book, I happily raised my hand.

“Mutiny on the Moonbeam” is a whimsical story that reminded me of a mixture of Peter Pan and Lord of the Rings. Branwyn St. Clair’s adventure begins after she runs away from a cruel stepfather and stows away on an elven crewed ship. While she makes friends with cabin boy, Johnny Pate, and other interesting characters, not everyone is as welcoming. Branwyn’s adventure gets more precarious after she realizes the ship’s purpose is piracy and also becomes the target of one of the pirates.

Branwyn, Johnny and their group of friends are an endearing cast of characters. The plot was well-paced and held my attention throughout. A fun read for fantasy book lovers, for sure!

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