Murder at Macbeth

Murder at Macbeth
Written by Samantha Goodwin

In junior high, I went to my first stage play at the local community college and immediately fell in love with theater. My super strong aversion to public speaking (read: try not to pass out) would prevent me from ever standing in the spotlight. This fear makes me appreciate and be in awe of those that have that confidence so much more.

Samantha Goodwin’s “Murder at Macbeth” is a captivating mystery with plenty of Shakespearean flair. After the leading actress stabs herself on stage, investigators Finley Robson and Nadia Zahra are faced with a baffling whodunit. With the cast being the only ones who had access to make the exchange of the stage prop, the pool of suspects is obvious. As the odd-couple investigators work through their suspects, the only certainty is that each of them has their own secrets.

“Are all theaters this scandalous?” 

  • Detective Sargeant Nadia Zahra

Goodwin is a master storyteller! The story develops layer by layer, including perspectives from each of the cast. She maintains the mystery by keeping certain elements just out of view of the reader. Many times it felt like I was an attendee in the audience and that “AHA!” was just out of sight. My whodunit was consistently busted with the start of each new chapter. The story never got tiring, frustrating and definitely not predictable! Mysteries are not my typical go to but this was a great read!

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