Miss Not Together

Belle Brooks’ “Miss Not Together” is a beautifully written YA novel that’s a welcome change from the typical formula of a YA novel. Main character, Hillary’s story is a perfect mixture of innocence and coming of age for a teenage girl.

Hillary is a teenager who thinks she has it all together, at least as much as a 17 year old is able to in her senior year of high school. The introduction of new student Grayson and his piercing blue eyes quickly derails her plans of completing high school with a perfect record. The challenge in his eyes and the one given to her heart results in a development of character Hillary would not have known during this time without him. While their relationship has a fair share of YA dramatics, it is refreshingly not excessively theatrical.

While also giving considerate attention to plot, Brooks’ ability to describe characters can be likened to an artist painting a picture. From Hillary’s lively face expressions to Grayson’s meandering walk, Brooks’ usage of imagery immediately ties in the reader. “Miss Not Together” is a book that has it all together!

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