Lovely Little Things

Written by Maureen Joyce Connolly

Has a book ever grabbed you in a such a way that you find yourself thinking about it during the day? Wondering what comes next? I have always been a day dreamer and books have given me ample material for my brain to drift off! However, as much as I read, books do not always have this affect. It happens when the characters are so vivid that they become as real to me as a friend or co-worker. These books are always bittersweet because (warning: crazy book lady confession here) I literally miss the characters when the book ends. I am so appreciative of Maureen Joyce Connolly for letting me reading her soon-to-be-released Lovely Little Things! And for the introduction (and now missing of) some beautifully written characters.

Lovely Little Things immediately grabbed my interest and held it until the last page. The story line comes out the gate with an unthinkable scene that has the reader gobbling up the pages to see what happens next! Main character Claire Rawlings starts her day like most working moms do when she wakes up feeling sick-she pushes through. However, when the illness worsens en route to bringing her young daughters to daycare, she pulls over and passes out in a gas station restroom. The day turns into the worst day of her life when Claire walks out to find her car AND her daughters gone.

Connolly’s usage of telling the story through the perspective of multiple characters further developed the characters and affection for them. The story unfolded at a pace that keeps the reader engaged and interested. The writing style reminded me of another favorite author, Liane Moriarity.

The year is young but Lovely Little Things definitely has the potential to capture the crown of “2019 Favorite!” Get your copy today!

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