Just A Fling

Written by Eden Rayna

My Instagram is a magical place because of all the amazing authors I follow! Scrolling through one day, I came across the steamy cover of Eden Rayna’s “Just A Fling.” I have been in a reading slump lately and thought this cowboy-covered novella may just be what I needed to get my engine running again!

Danielle is an independent, fiery city girl looking for a fun evening with friends and a one night stand. Kirk is a cowboy enjoying an evening at the club before responsibilities demand most of his attention on his family’s dairy farm. Sparks ignite when their paths cross and continue all the way back to Kirk’s house. Parting ways turns out to be more difficult than either expects. But to move forward, Danielle must tame down her wild ways while Kirk must learn patience to understand her intentions.

“Just A Fling” is a well-written and STEAMY romance novella! Danielle and Kirk are likable characters with a chemistry that also includes humor. Their opposing backgrounds and lifestyles make for dialogue that keeps the reader interested. This book is the perfect accessory to a day at the pool with a margarita in hand!

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