Written by M.E. Holland

“Invisible” by M.E. Holland is not typically the type of book I would pick up but after receiving a request to review it, I settled in for a read with hard subject matter.

After 35 year old Genovese feels like she cannot take another day with her emotional burdens, she rushes to psychiatrist “Dr. Dan” for therapy after seeing him on television. The story is the all-day therapy session as Genovese and Dr. Dan attempt to peel the layers of her background, identify the source of her hopelessness and help her change the pattern of her life.

“You are going through your life not knowing what you want or why you want it. Knowing yourself is the key to moving out of that of endless cycle of making bad choices. There’s no way to truly know what you want from others, if you don’t know who you are?” ~Dr. Dan to Genovese

In scanning other reviews of M.E. Holland’s “Invisible,” it stood out to me that others referred to it as a fast read. While not being a lengthy read at 296 pages, the contents had me reading at a pace that allowed me time to process the dialogue and events described.

Genovese’s story includes flashbacks to different time periods of her life which include graphic scenes of various forms of abuse. It was well-written and had an ending I did not expect. If you are looking for a gritty, powerful storyline with mature content, check out “Invisible.”


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