Hot Love Inferno

Written by Nicky Blue

Once again my Instagram introduced me to a new writer and a genre that I do not often read. Nicky Blue’s “Hot Love Inferno” was definitely outside of my typical reading list. But the premise sounded as interesting as the writer so how could I resist agreeing to read it and post a review!

We meet Barry when he is talking to his neighbor and being told the tale or Mrs. Jittery Twitch. From there, the story is a hold your seat kind of tale, full of dips and curves with the socially awkward Barry at the helm. The supporting cast in “Hot Love Inferno” is almost as interesting as the leading man but definitely not disappointing. Whether it be with his heavy metal loving mom, spunky love interest or the basset hound with the knowing eyes, you will never find the conversations predictable.

Are you a devil? Are you a witch? Judge the soul of my enemies, Mrs Jittery Twitch.

As I mentioned, this is not my typical genre so it took a little extra concentration to follow it. However, Barry and his cast of characters were definitely endearing and made me cheer for him to be victorious in the end. The story was cleverly written (foot notes in a fiction story?!), full of intrigue and able to be read as a stand-alone from its predecessor.

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