Fix Me Up, Cowboy

Those Fabio covered harlequin romances were once my go-to novel every time – I loved them all! Through the years, I have expanded my reading genres. However, a good, steamy romance is like going back home for me!

”Fix Me Up, Cowboy” had me staying up past my bedtime with that ”just one more chapter” promise. After recovering from a near-fatal car accident and breakup, Kate welcomes the chance to temporarily leave the life of Rodeo Drive and check out the estate in Montana recently willed to her. The small town welcomes her, including neighboring cowboy, Noah. He and his family introduce Kate to line-dancing, cowboy boots, and authentic friendships. When sparks ignite, they both know it is a temporary situation since Kate feels certain that she belongs in LA. But will she leave her heart in Montana?

”Fix Me Up, Cowboy” was a light read with an engaging story that didn’t stall out or get too mushy. I enjoyed that author Stina Lindenblatt built a story of friendship and love that did not include an overly dramatic, soap opera dilemma that the main characters had to overcome. The story alternates between the perspective of main characters Kate and Noah which I always find interesting. This book was a city meets country love story that made this Texan girl’s heart happy!

I was lucky to be able to read this as an ARC but it’s release date is May 9th. If you are looking for a lighthearted love story, check this one out!

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