Eyes of Amber

At 19, I got my first “grownup” job in a local hospital’s emergency room checking in patients on the night shift. I realized very quickly that a real ER is not as glamorous as they make it seem on the television series. Surprisingly, the drama and unbelievable patient cases were not a far stretch! The camaraderie and working towards a common goal for a patient and their family obviously stayed with me. This year will make 21 years in healthcare for me! While I am a long way from the hustle and bustle of the emergency room, I have learned some of the best life lessons working side by side with nurses and doctors.

Anya Stassiy’s Eyes of Amber is a beautifully written story of a long-lost love and the awakening of a new one. While one love story is built upon love letters during World War II, the other’s setting is in an Emergency Room. With my soft-spot for the ER, I was immediately intrigued!

Mila Roth is a first year resident who has always focused more energy on her studies than boys. Leo is a burned out attending ER physician with a ladies man reputation. When the two have a chance encounter the day before Mila’s first day on the job, the two must decide to keep it professional or explore the spark further.

As Mila weighs her options, she devotes time to read her grandmother’s love letters with a World War II soldier. Through their letters, Mila gets a glimpse of what life was like for her grandmother during a dark period of history. The letters also unveil a mystery that will draw Mila and Leo closer.

I truly enjoyed Eyes of Amber and thought “accidental author,” Anya Stassiy wrote a beautiful love story. The bonus for me were the ER scenes that felt authentic and introduced interesting characters. In addition to being an enjoyable read, it reminded me of some of my own patient experiences.

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