Written by Robyn Mundell and Stephen Lancast

Brainwalker is a science fiction story about Bernard, a 14 year old, aspiring-scientist, who finds himself in his father’s brain. Sadly, the recent death of Bernard’s mother has caused conditions in his dad’s brain that are blocking creativity and new thought. And as a scientist and father, he is struggling daily without them. With a cast of amusing characters, Bernard leads a quest to help his dad to become reacquainted with the right side of his brain while also getting back home.

“Wish me good luck, please,” I whisper. “On one condition,” Philemone says. “Remember, what you call luck is the meeting of opportunity and flexibility.”

Beautiful imagery is used in the Brainwalker to describe the brain as a living environment, rather than a bundle of neurons and grey matter. This story reminded me of one of Ms Frizzle’s adventures in the “Magic School Bus.” In addition to being very creative, the story includes scientific references such as hypothetical theory and great life lessons.

Brainwalker is a great book for a young adult reader who loves science. My younger, adventurous cousins will definitely be getting a copy soon!



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