Better In The Morning

Written by Fern Ronay

Some of my friends use fashion to help change and/or reflect their mood. Whether it be a power suit for a confidence boost or a favorite pair of yoga pants when they are searching for comfort and unwind, their fashion choices are their go-to pick me ups. While I assure you that I love my yoga pants above all other wardrobe items, their amazing comfiness does not offer me the same mood boost as a book. The past few years have included some pretty significant losses for me, including deaths in the family and closing chapters on dreams that just weren’t meant to be. One particular day when I was needing a pick me up, the magic of Amazon led me to Fern Ronay’s “Better In The Morning.” @fernronay 

“Better In The Morning” has a completely lovable, relatable heroine in Veronica Buccino. Like so many of us, Veronica’s story starts off as a life made up of choices that are supposed to meet expectation. She’s an attorney with no passion for the career choice and is ready to take the next step with her dull boyfriend because he fits the image she has in her mind of her husband and life. However, unexpected events force her to evaluate her love and career choices.

Veronica’s approach to finding her way is full of self-deprecating humor and commentary that makes the reader both laugh and give a sympathetic “aww” along with her. My favorite part of the book is the guidance her deceased grandparents give to her through dreams and signs. “Better In The Morning” was definitely the pick up I needed with a wonderful reminder that changes in life can be slightly uncomfortable but so worth it. And when the path feels particularly lonely, look for the signs from the loved ones whispering encouragement from the other side.

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