Better Believe It

Written by Fern Ronay

Have you ever given any thought on the lens in which you are looking at your life? Do you view it through other’s perspectives? Are your days filled with constant side by side comparisons with images posted on sites such as Facebook or Instagram?

Fern Ronay’s second book, Better Believe It, has stolen my heart as much as her debut, Better in the Morning. If you read that one, you may remember Veronica’s tough as nails best friend, Jada. Better Believe It is Jada’s story. If you are like me and were not the biggest Jada fan, trust me when I say, that will change with her story.

Do you have a friend who is always looking behind them? A friend pining after some loser guy who should 100% be left in the past? Or maybe one that is missing the beautiful parts of her current life or potential new opportunities because she is constantly looking at people who exited for a reason? Maybe you have that friend whose posts on social media are purposed to reassure everyone (or maybe just herself) that she has no missed opportunities and only a perfect life? Shit- I have been that friend! If you have no idea what I am talking about, Jada will be all of those friends for you.

“You may not like where you’re being led, but you’ll appreciate it once you get there,” Grandma whispered. “In the meantime, dance.”

Ronay has written another beautiful love story. While it may detail the implosion, and sometimes cringe-worthy outward explosion of Jada’s lens on her life, it is still the best kind of love with potential to realize the beauty and love in her own story.

Like in Veronica’s story, Jada’s spirit guides visit her while she sleeps. I still love this concept so much! What a beautiful reminder that our loved ones stay with us to offer guidance, support or just to say they are with us.

“Death is not a goodbye,” Gina said. “I’m still with you.”

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