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The Magic Of Summer

As a working mama, I know the starting school struggle is a real thing! Registration, supply/clothes shopping, and events like “Meet the Teacher” and physicals fill our calendars until we take that first day picture, filled with a mixed bag of emotions. For me,… Continue Reading “The Magic Of Summer”

Leaps of Faith and Madonna

Did you know that one of Madonna’s earliest hits, “La Isla Bonita,” actually references the Belizian island city of San Pedro? When Madonna wrote this song, she had not yet visited San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. At the time, she was still an up and… Continue Reading “Leaps of Faith and Madonna”

The Good, The Bad & What the Hell is that Smell?

I recently shared how my husband & I fell in love with Ambergris Caye, Belize…first, as a daydream and then as reality. Like with any destination, our slice of paradise has locations we love, parts that could be improved and recently, a phenomenon that… Continue Reading “The Good, The Bad & What the Hell is that Smell?”

Mopeds on the Beach

Ambergris Caye

About two years ago, my husband started declaring we were going to start a new life of renting mopeds on the beach. He was tired of the corporate life and wanted a slower-paced lifestyle. Soon that phrase turned into a mantra: “mopeds on the… Continue Reading “Mopeds on the Beach”

A Playlist for My Daughter

sweet sixteen playlist

This blog post is different from what the blogging world refers to as my ”niche.” While reading and traveling are the things I love to do, 16 years ago I lost my heart to a 6 pound, 14 ounce baby girl. So you will… Continue Reading “A Playlist for My Daughter”

Three Hidden Gems in Austin

With a motto like “Keep Austin Weird,” it is obvious that Austin marches to the beat of its own drum. The free-spirit attitude of Austin is an interesting comparison to its faster paced neighbor Houston. However, the short distance makes Austin a great weekend… Continue Reading “Three Hidden Gems in Austin”

Kindred Spirits

Thank you for vising my site! I have had such a great time meeting and networking with authors, writers and readers on my Instagram page that I decided to build a website to allow me to add more content and hopefully, continue to grow… Continue Reading “Kindred Spirits”