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Did you know that one of Madonna’s earliest hits, “La Isla Bonita,” actually references the Belizian island city of San Pedro? When Madonna wrote this song, she had not yet visited San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. At the time, she was still an up and coming artist who did not have the money to afford the luxurious vacations we see on TMZ now.

Last night, I dreamt of San Pedro

Just like I’d never gone, I knew the song

One may think this would ruin the magic of the song for me but considering my hubby and I loved the island BEFORE we visited, it makes it perfect! Like Madonna, we dreamed of a life on this beautiful island long before we actually saw it. And if you think that makes us crazy, just keep reading!

If this is the first time reading my blog, you can catch up by reading these previous blogs. But for those of you that have been following our travels, you may be thinking this was just a story about a couple who found their dream vacation spot. Or maybe some lucky schmucks who found a good locale to day dream about when their 8 to 5 was a challenge. While both are true, we decided we wanted something more permanent in our la isla bonita.


Yep – you read that right. We decided to make our dream into a reality with a physical address. While we may be unable to walk away from corporate life and start Mopeds on the Beach right now, we could take a step in that direction by buying property there.

We knew we wanted a place on the north side of the island. In addition to being where our favorite haunts like Truck Stop and Secret Beach are located, the north side is less crowded and just more in tune with our vibe. As we researched properties on the island, we communicated with a few real estate agents. Finding plugged in members of the community was important to us to ensure we made an informed decision. One agent stood out for us in particular. An ex-pat who was responsive and included potential income stats with his listings made the process less stressful. And most importantly, both locals and ex-pats spoke highly of him when we asked.


Since this was not a permanent move, a house was too much to manage remotely. However, a condo or apartment sounded perfect. We viewed multiple units during a long weekend, house hunting trip, but one in particular stood out from the rest, El Estero. Four striking, white buildings surrounded by lush landscaping made a sleek, modern exterior appearance. The inside of the studio unit was a perfect mixture of higher end finishes and island flair. With Belizean hard wood floors, Mexican tiles, stainless steel appliances and a king size bed for my tall husband, it had the potential to be the perfect home away from home. Since we were still non-committal, we said goodbye to our agent and headed to dinner putting it on our list as a strong contender.

After a delicious dinner at Rain’s Rooftop Restaurant (another amazing spot), we decided to go back by El Estero to see its sunset view. Each of the four buildings has a rooftop deck. The unit we were looking at was on the third floor, immediately under the deck. Since the island is only a mile wide at its widest point, we were able to see both the waves breaking on the ocean side and an amazing sunset over the lagoon.


It was all over for us after seeing this view! We made an offer before we left the island and started the process of buying. (For those thinking of taking a similar adventure, I will share more about the buying process in Belize in a future post.)

Some of our friends and family thought we were crazy. But leaps of faith technically are a little crazy, right? After all, the definition of faith is believing in something you cannot see and taking a chance you may be right. I will not say it was a completely easy decision to make. My husband can be a glass half empty type personality and worried, what if our decision is wrong? I countered – but what if we are right? Either way, we decided we wanted to be able to say we at least took the shot!

I fell in love with San Pedro
Warm wind carried on the sea, called to me

Now we have our own place on the island we love! We have been enjoying drinks on the deck while adding a touch of our style to the place though art and decoration.

But since we cannot be there all the time, we have opened it for visitors like you! Use either of these links to book your reservation today. If you book after reading this, send me a message and I will be sure to leave you a thank you gift!



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  1. I really enjoyed your blog thank you. What an amazing dream come true. I have the same dream to buy a place in Nice, South of France. One day eh. I too want to write, I have a yearning to write but never seem to find the time, I will. My blogs are a start….

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